Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dress Camp is S/O!

Okay, I just have to cry a little for a second because Dress Camp is already sold out Now, if you are totally wondering what the crap this Dress Camp collection even is, it is a limited edition palette, lipstick and two lip glasses. I was very fortunate enough to order the palette before it sold out, but after checking online for swatches of the product color, I saw how absolutely be-a-utiful the lipstick is! Seriously, check it out for yourself:

Is this not the prettiest pink you've ever seen? Not too bright, not too boring, with a nice hint of sparkles! Anyways, here's me hoping that more get released soon! 

PS- This collection is only available on, and in 3 MAC stores: SoHo, Robison and one in the Bay Area. 

Photo Credit: glam8babe via

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