Thursday, March 27, 2008

MAC Review: Loose Mineralize Foundation

With Bare Minerals taking over the foundation world, MAC decided they should get on the bandwagon and release their very own Bare Minerals type foundation (do you love how B.M. is on the same level as Band-Aid and Kleenex- it's not a tissue, it's a Kleenex!). As soon as I saw it, I had to try it out. I even bought a nifty brush with which to apply. 

Now, for you Bare Minerals junkies, the MAC application process is a little different. It does not include a cute little kit complete with three brushes, a mineral veil and bronzer. Contrarily, it is one 8.5 oz jar that you just apply. Yea. I dunno. 

The counter girl assured me that unlike Bare Minerals, you don't need the Mineral Veil. She also bragged about how there are 77 minerals in MAC's foundation, vs. 5 in B.M. So I went home, and applied it the next day. However, let's just say I was pretty disappointed. I even used my B.M. concealer brush because there's nothing quite like it for mineral makeup, but the coverage blows! It is described as a medium-buildable coverage, but it seemed to do no better than a tinted moisturizer for coverage. Even when I attempted to "build", it just started looking cakey. 

I appreciate that MAC is trying to make some money on this mineral makeup craze, and I also appreciate that they're not as corny as the Bare Minerals infomercials, but honestly, Bare Minerals still can't be beat. This is the third alternative mineral makeup I've tried and I keep going back to B.M. Sorry, MAC! I love you but stick to what you do best: Makeup Art! 

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