Thursday, March 27, 2008

Review: MAC Heatherette

So the Heatherette collection has been out for about a week as of today, giving me plenty of time to try out the new products. In most collections, there are products that are awesome, and other products that are big disappointments. Heatherette is no different, unfortunately, but I will say overall the line is freaking sweet! The colors are outrageously fun and sweet to play around with. Here are my top 3 do's and top 3 don'ts in the Heatherette line:


1) Lipsticks

These super-adorably packaged lipsticks are so popular, they've already completely sold out online! It's easy to understand when you see them in person: every single color is absolutely gorgeous, which is pretty unusual. There always seems to be at least one fugly color, but not in this instance. My favorites are Fleshpot, a satin nude (akin to Myth), and Melrose Myth, which if I'm not mistaken is in this photo. It's a very light hot pink amplified texture. Perfect for people like me who want to add some crazier colors to their collection but can't pull off super bright colors. The other colors, Hollywood Nights (hot pink) and Lollipop Loving (midtone coral) are also cute, but let's face it I haven't even touched my Impassioned hot pink lipstick, and L.L. is a glaze, which means it's more like tinted lip balm than a lip stick. Regardless, they're all perfect spring colors, so check em out! 

2) Trio 1

These are all limited edition colors. From the picture you can clearly see a pastel pink, pastel green, and black. The black, Cloudburst, is similar to Black Tied but has green sparkles instead of silver. The black is a Velvet finish, which I find are the best shadows to use as an eyeliner. It also blends well with the green if you want to do a more defined look. I love blending the pink and green together for light and airy, but again the green with black at the crease is really sultry and funky too. For someone with blue eyes who usually avoids greens, this is a great green. The colors are also very creamy and like I mentioned, blend well (Notice I didn't put Trio 2 in this category. Check the don'ts to see why!).

3) Pigments 

Sadly, I'm not very good at downloading photos, so this one doesn't do the Heatherette pigments justice, but if you head over to the MAC website you'll be able to see the beautiful Jardin Aires and Pink Pearl pigments for yourself. Jardin Aires is a shimmery peach and Pink Pearl is midtone pink with blue reflection. They are absolutely gorgeous together! I don't usually use pigments; in fact, these are my very first, but they are probably my favorite of everything in the Heatherette collection. Pigments are best applied over a Creme Colour Base or Paint so they have something with which to adhere. In fact, what the heck, I will include a very crappy photo of myself just to show you how pretty these colors are! 
You can click on it for a better idea, but now you know why I made it small: so you don't get scared of me! But you can see if they make my eyes pretty, they will make anyone's! :) Anyways, they are super cool colors. Also, if you need another selling point for pigments, you get a ton of it! The vials are packed full of pigment, meaning you're bound to never run out!
Okay that's all for the do's. That doesn't mean that if I didn't mention the product, that it isn't good. It just means they aren't as good as these listed!


1) Trio 2

I'm really sorry to put this one on the "don't" list because it looks so cool from the photo and I was super excited about it. One of my all-time favorite looks is pastel pink with purple in the crease. Seriously. However, the purple, Cassette, is way too dark for my liking. It looks normal in this photo but trying it on, it was not very mold-able, if you know what I mean. It just doesn't apply easily, and it's kind of like Beauty Marked- pretty in the container, practically black when applied. Sorry. It's a cute compact though!

2) Dual Edge Eye Pencils

This is yet another product that I am truly sorry about putting on the "don't" list. I bought three out of the four colors because I was convinced they would be awesome, but while I am keeping them, I have been kind of disappointed with their performance. The idea of this dual pencil, is on side is glittery, one side is this new creamy, concentrated color. It's supposed to glide on easier or something. Sadly, everytime I've attempted to apply the new kohl side, it is so concentrated that it just spreads everywhere! If you make a mistake, there's no going back - you'll have to completely wipe off your makeup. I do like the glittery side, particularly on Night Hawk/Front Row. You can apply it over eyeshadow to give a fun glittery look. Honestly, the only reason I am not returning these is for the glittery side. 

3.) Glitter 

When I saw this in the photos I was totally dazzled by how cool the sparkles look! They look awesome! For a craft store. Since I bought my last glitter and haven't figured out how to use it, I steered away from the new 3d Silver. As pretty and sparkly it looks, it's pretty impractical and non-functional. Okay, mostly impractical. Plus as I mentioned, if you want, you can go to the craft store and buy a huge vat of glitter for 5x less and it will still just sit in your makeup bag for the rest of your life. Wow, I just had this horrendous image of when I have kids (in 10 years). They're probably going to find that glitter and have it all over the house.

Anyways, I hope that gives you a good idea of what to expect when buying from this fabulous collection! If you have any questions about other products not listed, let me know!

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