Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stop! Don't Do It! ... full price for that hoodie, that is! i mean why would you, when in fact, you can get a much better and cooler deal somewhere else? Or this hot $120 Vestral watch for under $40? And that's not even the best of the deals! Shirts are like 7 bones; sunglasses, 20; and a hot Special Blend snowboard jacket? retails $400, i got it for oh, $80.

Yes it's true, and if you don't believe me, hop on over to Whiskey Militia to check for yourself. 

If that deal isn't enough for you, its sister company, Steep and Cheap pretty much does the same thing.

If you're wondering what it actually is that these sites does, here's the skinny:

1) go to the sites above
2) there, one style is up for grabs at time, at steal of a price 
3) these include: hoodies, tees, shoes, snowboards, skate decks, watches, hats, sunglasses, etc
4) as soon as the item has been bought up, a new item replaces and we start all over again

The items are usually geared to snowboard, skate, surf, climbing/outdoors labels such as: Electric, Burton, Four Square, Special Blend, HEAD, Dragon, The North Face, Sessions, and so on. Then again this is Utah, so what more could you ask for?

To sweeten the deal, since you are most likely reading this from Utah, you can actually pick up the goods at the warehouse in SLC, meaning no shipping charge! Or if you're lazy like me, they ship quickly and items are usually in hand in a couple of days. 

WARNING: This is **EXTREMELY** addicting! The deals are always "too good to pass up", so enjoy but don't say I didn't warn you. :)

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