Sunday, February 10, 2008

Budget + Hair = Done

I am no stranger to the ways of the salon. I, like many readers, have experienced some pretty heinous hair styles. The color blue was involved once. So if you're freaking out about where to get non-tacky hair in Utah, allow me to make some suggestions. These are ranked for YOUR budget, so no matter who you are, you can still achieve the hair style you want.

Budget Key (for cut and color):
$ = 50 bucks and under
$$ = 50 - 110 bucks
$$$ = 110 - ouch

Admittedly, it is a little daunting to go to a hair school for the first time. The words "huge mistake" will most likely cross your brain when you walk in. And this blog is not accepting of shiz hair dos! But never fear, because what you are doing may actually be better than going to some experienced, prima donna hairstylist that is in the $$$ category. The reason: since students are learning, they are more careful and take great pains to make sure things look okay. Instructors absolutely must examine the rough draft before and after the student pulls out his/her scissors, and the instructor will make any adjustments as well. My friends with the coolest styles always get them done at a hair school. 

To keep in mind: While haircuts are around $15, you are a lab rat to these stylists in training, so it may take double the time as a normal salon. Also, you are generally required to sign a waiver basically stating that you realize these kids are using you as an experiment and results may or may not be what you had hoped.

According to a good friend of mine, facials are amazing at Dallas Roberts Academy in Provo! And cheap too ($20-25)! So check it out.

One name: Jaime Vincent. When you're looking for a stylist who a) is not tacky, b) updated with new trends, and c) will listen to YOU about what you want, this is what you want. Let's face it, Utah hair is sometimes scary. The poofy thing? The brassy highlights? Gross! You won't get them here. This girl actually listens to her clients and will do whatever looks good, classy and sharp. 

While the way he does hair some how makes me reminisce to Zoolander, the outcome is pretty much awesome. Drama oozes from his pores, but if you want someone to reinvent you in the best possible way, this is the place. Tyson was also on last year's Shear Genius reality show where he went head to head with a bunch of hair stylists. He didn't win, but it's no wonder he was on the show. He has a style unlike anyone else in Utah.
I first heard of him about 4 years ago, when I worked in SLC. There were two girls at my work who had absolutely incredible hairstyles and I subsequently discovered they had gotten it done at TD Studio Salon, Tyson's former hq. Almost 3 years later, I happened upon an old business card of his and happened to get one of the last appts at his salon before he sold it and worked from his Mother's salon. He grabbed my hair and pretty much just started cutting, and it changed my life. Since then he has given me absolutely incredible hair cuts. You don't even need to say anything, he knows what will flatter you the best. 

Try Him If: You have had 1,000 hair cuts that just don't quite do it for you and are looking for a little spunk. It is worth the penny.

Keep in Mind: Tyson is a little different than your normal stylist. He is more into the artistic function of hair than it being a trade he picked up at some school to make money. He will try to "hand paint" color and all sorts of funky things (the picture to the left says it all). But it is pretty sweet.

Honorable Mention: If you live in SLC and say Tyson is not what you're looking for, may I suggest Salon Kai in Sugarhouse? Ask for Brittany M. She is a $$ and is really good at what she does. She might even diss Tyson Daniel!! 
Okay so I hope that gives you somewhere to start. Remember these are tried and true salons/stylists, but of course, use them at your own risk. :)

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Beatrix Kiddo said...

Shep!!! He may not be in everyone's budget...but he's so good you can go a couple months longer than usual till your next cut. Seriously, Shep is AMAZING!