Friday, February 1, 2008

The Problem With Utah

Ok so you may be thinking that putting the words "Utah" and "fashion" next to each other is a seriously hilarious oxymoron. After all, Utah has never been the first for any new fashions (who can deny the mushroom hair?!). So therefore, if you suspect that Utah + Fashion = VOID, then you are correct to assume so. That's where I come in. It doesn't hurt that I've lived in such fashionable joints as: NYC, DC and Phila.  I've come to rescue you from the giant scary Utah pit of fashion death. Clothing, makeup, shoes and of course the almighty hair are always in, but it's how and what you wear that makes the difference. If nothing else, you will learn how to care for those $200 jeans you just bought, and you'll get the scoop on those beauty products you've always wanted to try but didn't want to shell out $500 for. Is this a silly, flippant blog? Perhaps. But you know you're already addicted and we haven't even started. 

Fashionably Yours,

P.S. This blog photo is courtesy "what not to wear"! 

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jc said...

nice...can you tell people to stop layering white t-shirts under things that shouldn't have them? oh, and enough with the poof hair!!